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Skilled Arborists / Tree Surgeons

Based in Tavistock, on the border of West Devon and Cornwall, we offer Tree pruning, crown raising, removal and more. Our services might be varied, but they all come with the same promise of reliability, quality and dedication. Qualified and insured, Matt is a skilled Arborist with knowledge and experienced gained through years of working for the County Council. We have a friendly and efficient attitude, are happy to visit you to discuss your requirements and offer free quotes.


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All quotes are free and flexible according to the job requirements.





Crown Reductions

For trees that have grown too large for their location or have developed over-extended branches over buildings a Crown Reduction will often help. This involves pruning individual limbs or reducing the size of the entire crown. It is important that this is done in a sympathetic way so the tree retains its natural shape. If this is taken too far the large wounds make the tree susceptible to disease and rot.


Thinning & crown cleaning

Another option for an overgrown tree may be to thin the crown by removing selected branches. This will open the crown out and by removing diseased and dead branches aids the health of the tree.



Tree Removal

Unfortunately it is sometimes necessary to remove tree due to safety concerns or when the wrong type of tree is growing in the wrong place. We will remove the tree causing as little disruption as possible. You have the option of keeping the wood or we can remove it for you. Wood chip made from the smaller branches makes a great mulch for flowerbeds and pathways, or we can take it away with us. Before leaving we clear away the mess and sawdust, leaving the site in a tidy condition.


Rigging and complex/dangerous trees

For Trees that can't simply be felled for example when limbs grow over buildings or roads they may require the use of specialist equipment and techniques. We are fully qualified and experienced in these techniques which range from using ropes and pulleys for lowering branches to hiring in a lorry mounted MEWP (often called a "cherry picker") to allow high branches to be brought down safely. We can safely work on even the most dangerous trees, including decayed and standing dead specimins.

Crown Raising

This term is used to describe removal of selected lower branches to allow light through and fix the problem of branches obstructing pathways. With just a few cuts we can often transform your relationship with a tree and make it much easier to live with. It is often an easy and economic alternative to removing a healthy tree.



Tree Safety

Tree owners often worry about the risks of branches falling off their trees or the entire tree falling over. This can cause a lot of damage and doesn't just happen during periods of high winds. Whilst there are no absolute guarantees we are able to inspect trees for signs of decay or damage and take action to prevent future problems.


Red Squirrel TRee Safety Program

This program is designed for you if you own trees in an area open to the public, along a road or boundary with neighbours. By law the landowner must take "reasonable steps" to ensure trees don't do harm to either people or property. To make this less stressful for you our Tree Safety program involves mapping of the trees followed by regular inspections and also the paperwork and record keeping work required.



The removal of an old tree often leaves an empty space. In the case of a tree with sentimental value this can be emotional as well as physical. A great way to continue the tree's legacy is to have us bring our mobile sawmill and create planks, boards or beams on site.



Thanks to you, Jay and Tanya for doing such an excellent job!
— Michelle Morgan
Would definitely use again, very professional and friendly .
— Zoe CHurchill


About Me


I have always enjoyed working in challenging environments and thinking on my feet. My work as an Arborist allows me to work in the Great Outdoors and us the experience and knowledge gained through years as a Senior Arborist with the DCC and self employed Tree Surgeon. I work with a selected team of colleagues who each bring specific skills and equipment with them to each job.


We never compromise quality for time and strive for honest customer service jobs are only paid in full when the finished work is to your complete satisfaction.


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